Rain, rain…

I fight a continuous battle with my feelings on rain.

When you start growing a lot of your own food, you want some rain. When it rains, you think, “Yay! Now I don’t have to go water the garden myself!” And seeing as how I just recently planted a bunch of collard and broccoli seedlings, I’m happy to let nature water them for me.

But then, inside, I’m really a sunshine kind of girl. I love warm, sunny days. I don’t like looking outside and seeing gray skies and mud everywhere.

But life on earth needs rain. I know that. I accept it. We have to have rain sometimes.

It’s just when it gets to be three days in a row of rain, it’s really hard to remain accepting and appreciative of rain. Especially since B’s job is dependent on non-rainy days. He works for a company that does concrete and soil testing at construction sites, so he works along with the construction crews. Which means that if it’s raining and the construction guys can’t do their job, then B can’t do his.

Which means we’re once again struggling to pay bills.

But on the plus side: we have plenty of food that I canned this spring and summer. We have a good supply of meat in the freezer right now. We can cut back on groceries this week to save some money. This is one of the reasons we grow our own food and why I preserve as much as I do, for the times like this that sneak up on us.


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