Last grasp at summer and signs of fall


I know it’s officially fall and all, but don’t tell my garden that. It decided to revive a mostly dead vine and grow a new watermelon. Okay, I’ll take it, even though it doesn’t really go with the rest of what I’m growing.

Fall Garden

And here is the current state of the rest of the garden. The two outer rows are collards, one Georgia collards and the other Carolina collards. What’s the difference? One’s from Georgia and one’s from the Carolinas! Ha. Really, I don’t know, but I couldn’t decide which ones were the taste we were looking for, so I planted both. We stopped trying to grow collards in the summer because a) the bugs EAT THEM UP and b) we prefer collards after they’ve been hit by the first frost of the season. Fall collards just taste better!

The row in the center is broccoli. I’m going to give up trying to grow summer broccoli because the bugs eat those up too. So I’m hoping I can get some fall broccoli since those darn bugs ate up the one broccoli plant that came up this summer.


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