Chicken soup…for the soul (and dogs)

Last week when I made and canned chicken stock, I froze some of it to save for this weekend so I could make some chicken soup.

Chicken soup

I make my chicken stock and chicken soup as frugally as I can. The chicken stock is made with bones and random pieces of chicken that I save up for a while in the freezer–backbones, neckbones, even the liver and other inside pieces that they give you when you buy a whole chicken. Then I throw in some odds and ends of vegetables that I save in the freezer, like the ends of celery and carrots. All of that goes into a big pot with water to cook for a few hours to make chicken stock.

Then for the chicken soup, I do use fresh vegetables, not the odds and ends (carrots, onion, and celery). The chicken is bits and pieces I’ve been saving for a while in a bag in the freezer, little bits left over when we have chicken for supper and even the bits I manage to pull off the bones after making chicken stock. I use the chicken soup recipe from the Ball Blue Book, though I do use less onions than they say to use. I like onions, but I prefer not to have a strong onion flavor. Then during the winter, when I open up a jar I add in some egg noodles while I heat it up and have homemade chicken noodle soup.


I had just a little bit of broth and chicken pieces left over, so the dogs got a little bit of their own chicken soup too. They licked their bowls clean!


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