Candle stand makeover


I found this candle stand/pedestal at Goodwill for $1.99. It was originally an ugly bronze, but I’d been looking for something to hold these candles in the corner of the hall bathroom counter. I was too eager to paint it to stop and take a before picture! A quick coat of Krylon spray paint in jade and it looks much better.


Laundry room decor


My thrift find today: a washboard! I grabbed it and brought it home to hang in my laundry room, as a reminder of where we’ve come from in terms of household work. A good reminder to be thankful for the nice washer and dryer I have.

The “laundry rules” picture is something I found online last year and printed out. The smallest picture is a postcard that came with the order of a print from The Black Apple a couple years ago. And the other picture is a cross stitch I did probably ten years ago? The bottles are my husband’s collection, his contribution to the vintage decor in the house!